Legal Guardianship

At Senior Matters, our registered legal guardians provide certified legal guardianship services to protect the health, welfare and finances from waste and undue influence. Guardianship is initiated only as a last resort for those individuals who need assistance but have no close relatives or friends who are able to perform the role.

When a Guardianship is Needed

There are cases where it is determined by a medical team that an individual does not have the capacity to make decisions in regards to one's health, welfare, and finances and guardianship is recommended. According to the National Guardianship Association, there are three major categories of people who often come under the authority of guardianship, which includes individuals who:

>>Lack decision-making capacity due to dementia / alzheimer's disease

>>Live with intellectual or acquired disability

>>Live with severe mental illness

Pre-Legal Services

Government forms and applications can be confusing and difficult to compete, especially for an adult or disabled individual.

Senior Matters assist clients with completing Veterans Administration (VA) applications for benefits such as pension and burial, as well as assisting with completing state Medicaid applications for long-term care.