One Matters

One Matters, a neurologic impairment division of Senior Matters Extended Services, LLC provides community-based support and staffing services for clients who have neurologic impairment, with specialized focus on clients with traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Tailored, Custom-Designed Plan of Care

At One Matters, our primary focus of service is community immersion and access available resources within the community setting. Having worked with neurologically impaired clients for over 15 years, we’ve discovered that the best potential for a successful transition from a facility-based environment to an independent life in the great community is achieved through a tailored, individualized program with proper guidance and supervision.

Independent, Community Living in apartment and home setting

An apartment or home setting allows our clients to have a safe and supportive environment, while also offering each client the opportunity for great quality of life. Our team works alongside each client to develop a custom-designed plan of care, which allows him or her to increase their level of activity, participate in community setting and achieve a desirable, independent lifestyle.

Personalized Client Services:

Available 24 hours a day/7 days a week- Our mental health professionals, case managers and nurses are on call and available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Case Management- Case Management services includes assessments to determine the appropriate environmental modifications and/or work site support.
Personal Care Services and Training for Daily Living- Personal care training is provided in activities of daily living, such as meal preparation, shopping, money management and community access.
Recreational Services- Recreational therapy consults are administered to establish customized leisure activities. Membership to a local gym and personal training services are provided for promotion of a healthy lifestyle.
Transportation Services- Availability of accessible public transportation and private transportation is provided, allowing easy access to school, a job, and educational programs.
Consultative therapy and evaluative services- Consultative therapy and evaluative services with a Certified Behavior Analyst and/or Neuropsychiatrist associated with the USC Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Department are available to all clients as needed.
Vocational Opportunities- A Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation (CVE) to assess potential for community based vocational opportunities will be administered to establish services available in conjunction with the local TBI division of the SC Vocational Rehabilitation Department.
Physician Consults- Consults with a general practitioner for overall medical wellbeing are available as needed.

Experienced and Trained Team

At One Matters, we provide access to Certified Nursing Assistants and Certified Case Management to each client to ensure his or her needs are met at all times.
Each of our team members are carefully screened via national background checks, 5-panel drug screening, and are required to attend on-going training, which enhances their skills, knowledge base and awareness of care issues that clients experience. The training includes but not limited to:
-HIPAA Certification
-CPR / First Aid
-OSHA Certified
-Tools for positive interaction